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-palacios is an experienced creative artist, designer and educator.

/wrkng/ several socially conscious performance based publications in #PDX.

Noice. HOle.

NE/SE Hollywood



Navigating the Portland grid system has never been easy. The grid isn't particularly difficult to work out. There are only 5 points to reference. If you move here from a different city the locals will remind where ever you were before, socially speaking, you ain't there now, so you better take a second look, and wrap your head around it. The passive aggression will be what counts for friendly advice here. The way friends can often take great pain in pointing out something obvious for you so that you can learn how to take their advice for granted. The second look means that you have to go back to where you came from in order to do so.

North. North East. South East. South West.  North West. That's all there is to it. 5 points.

Alignment will be the key to how well you adapt to navigating your way here. On which side (of the river, of the bridge and which bridge) do you speak?, -on which side do you stand?That will be the point from you will need to pivot.

It's not often your point of origin will be of any use here.

Half Circle. Shapes Repeated. Graphic.

Half Circle. Shapes Repeated. Graphic.

NE Hollywood Transit Center. Graphic. 

Photograph. Underexposed. NE Hollywood Transit Center.

Photograph. Underexposed. NE Hollywood Transit Center.