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-palacios is an experienced creative artist, designer and educator.

/wrkng/ several socially conscious performance based publications in #PDX.

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Making room for design in every area of one’s existence is nearly impossible but it won’t stop me from giving certain tasks that which they deserve.

For breakfast I had hard boiled eggs. The task of boiling the eggs is a simple task, unless of course the intended out come is to eat the hard boiled eggs without being disturbed by the gray film that will appear around the yolk of the egg. If you want the yolk to be bright orange/yellow with out the gray stuff then your gonna have to invest some time e.g. money in the out come. Designing for outcome is just one way to approach a problem.

The solution will always be time when it comes to design. Next question is how much time? Today it was about 23 mins.

For the perfect hard boiled egg follow these instructions. 

Pro tip: Use fresh eggs as the film underneath the shell will likely make it difficult for you to peel the egg. 

Pattern 39. From 100 Days of Blackness, Spring 2016


Type Experiment, Space

Repeat Experiment, Space


Space, Experimental Composition. Subtractive.