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Christopher Palacios is an experienced creative artist, designer and educator. He lives and works in East Portland, Oregon with his dog Layla.

todo, to do, 2do, 2due.


Morning to do List:

  • Read

  • Write

  • Draw

  • Walk

Read Write Draw Walk:

Read Write Draw Walk:

We are Everyday People

We are Everyday People

Emogee, et al

Morning Routine: 5am -11am

It's the most creative act you will entertain as a creative professional. Creative work happens when you create a space for the acts of creative inquiry to return to. A vessel, a container, an environment for the most mundane and consequently extra-ordinary to live even if for just a little while to live. Sit there and do nothing and nothing will manifest and that is something that might or might not be a waste of your time.  Make the time to make the choice and choose to return.

Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle.