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Noice. HOle.

Hero Pattern.


Unfinished Pattern Series.

In June of 2016 I set out to develop a repeat pattern system. Today’s visual selection comes from the archived files of last year's creative activity.

I had completed the #1OODayProject and had moved on to a second round of repeats which went unfinished at about the same that I began the series featured in today's post.

This smaller smaller system of 6-8 patterns relate to one another with specific intention.

Compositions, drawing, sketches are shown. Noteworthy is the inclusion of the project’s mood board. At the time I thought, I should do more mood boards, which I don’t typically do.


  • It's okay to leave some creative inquiries unfinished
  • finish or complete them anyway
  • do more mood boards. they are fun
  • work things out in the sketch book every once in a while

Composition, Secondary pattern. June 2016

Composition, Vectors. Hero Pattern. June 2016 

Mood Board. Hero Pattern. Development. June 2016

Sketch, Pattern Development, June 2016

Sketch, Pattern Development, June 2016

pattern development, June 2016

pattern, development, June 2016