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-palacios is an experienced creative artist, designer and educator.

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In 2005 I took a temporary teaching post in Athens, Ohio to help and support the small faculty in the Department of Graphic Design in the School of Art at Ohio University who were anxious to have someone support their sabbatical obligations.

It was a tremendous opportunity that evolved from my former partnership with Stacy Asher.

This time period was one of the most challenging times of both my personal and professional life. My ability to balance being a contemporary practitioner of design with that of a engaging educator came with great difficulty. 

In order prove my tenure track qualification(s) I would have needed to prove my publication record. I didn’t see as a publication but as a portfolio. 

Below is some evidence of those difficult times. I made these promotional cards to welcome myself home and in support of my return to the Bay Area after 3 years in Ohio.

On the drive home from Ohio with student Abby Hanson in tow I came to the conclusion that there wasn’t anything I needed to return to.

The four seasons beckoned and I began to consider the pacific northwest as a possible location to quietly re-emerge from both personal and career disappointments. 

Clearcreative Promo: Welcome Home, May 2008

Clearcreative Promo, Welcome Home, May 2008

Clearcreative Promo, Welcome Home, November 2008


Clearcreative Promo, Music Shared, May 2008

Clearcreative Promo, Music Shared: Magnetic Fields, Chicks on Speed, Wolfgang Press, June 2008

Music-Shared Promo, July 2008: Crystal Castles, Milky Disco, Boys Noize

Clearcreative promo, Welcome Home, October 2008

Clearcreative promo, Welcome Home, May 2008

Clearcreative Promo, Welcome Home, Aug/September 2008 

Clearcreative Promo, Welcome Home. October 2008