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-palacios is an experienced creative artist, designer and educator.

/wrkng/ several socially conscious performance based publications in #PDX.

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pattern elements to be drawn in Adobe Illustrator

Remembering the Sketchbook

I often forget how important the sketchbook is as a source of critical thinking. I am often stunned by how effective a sketch can be in working out the obviousness of scale. The imperfect stroke of the pen can be difficult to approximate.

Scaled elements on the Artboard


And then there is the introduction of color which will further complicate the scale of elements. When it comes to strokes they will often look thinner or thicker dependent on the brilliance and saturation of the given color. Scaling up often will often necessitate  a reduction of stoke.

Scales of Handwriting; 7 letter words beginning with q in cursive


It’s powerful. Currently I am making efforts at refreshing my morning routine with handwriting. Each day a different letter.  This example of 7 letter words beginning with q is evidence of how imperfect my “cursive” has become. I am making an effort to practice. I’m hoping that I will improve. Yikes!