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Not My Apple Chill Mix: Selections

Some Apple Music subscribers are benefitting from the My Chill Mix as reported by TechCrunch. I’m not one of the lucky subscribers. You might not be either. Not to worry. 

A playlist I’ve been Chilling to.


Last month I celebrated my 1 year quit smoking date. How'd I do it? In terms of avoiding the nicotine habit I think what has been most effective is listening to music. Music will relax me and relieve me into a more reflective mental state. The headphones on my head changed my focus on something other than lighting up. Music gave me the opportunity to take a breather from the anxiousness of wanting a cig, and instead of taking a hit I took some time for myself. 

Apple Music: My New Music Mix

Right about the same time that I quite smoking I had changed music providers. Apple Music’s My New Music Mix reflects the subscriber’s intention to hear from *artists* that you might like and specifically new songs from those artists. Artists that Apple “thinks”you might. And because well, we all, think different, right? Well, yes. And how!

During an Apple meeting, Steve introduces the Think Different campaign to an exclusive audience. Steve was 42 years old. Help us caption & translate this video!

Everything has gotten so muddy since 1997 when "think different", stirred in us a desire to be at home with our newly formed digital selves. Coincidentally 1997 is, (the same year as the think different campaign) the same year I had become a regular daily smoker as well as an owner of a Apple product. Coincidence? Of course. Still, it’s a fun fact to age me.

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Song: "You're Mine" by Phantogram

"Hey, Siri, help me relax."

"That may be beyond my abilities at the monent."

But we know she has plans for us.

My New Music Mix - Apple Music for Christopher